Antonov An-225 Mriya for Microsoft Flight Simulator
3D view of the Antonov An-225 Mriya model
Take it to the sky and experience the world's heaviest aircraft, the "Dream".
Take place on the pilots seat, and experience first hand what it feels like to control the world's heaviest aircraft. This aircraft is specifically designed from the ground up as a native Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 aircraft.
8K Textures

Super high-resolution textures for high fidelity details.

Over 1.6M Triangles

Highly detailed 3D model of the An‑225 with support for multiple LODs.

Free Upgrades

Buy now, get free upgrades when released.

Lighting for Day and Night

Utilizes the lighting model to accurately represent light intensity and orientation during night flights.

Take it to the Sky

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Aircraft and Model details

Crafted with meticulous detail. The specifications of the original Antonov were studied for hundreds of hours and translated into highly detailed 3D model, as well as a specially tuned flight model* within the Simulator.

Animations Animations

Carefully designed & timed animations. wip

RAW Meticulous Detail

Multiple LOD's &
over 1.6M triangles.

Customize Customize

Accurate weight, cargo & Gc positions

Live Photos Sounds

Custom Engine sounds, from startup to cruise. soon

* Currently the modern flight model in Flight Simulator 2020 does not support all required parameters to represent the exact flight dynamics.
Eg: Flight Simulator natively supports up to four turbine engines. This limits the actual model, and has been accounted for by tweaking several flight model parameters to achieve an appropriate result.

Jet Engines & Performance

6× Progress D‑18T Turbo Fans

A total of 6 jet engines deliver a combined total thrust of over 140.5 tons. They are capable of carrying the 285,000 kg weighing aircraft (empty) for over 15,400 km.

Interior soon

Modelled Cockpit

Modelled after video's, photos and other reference material, we recreated the Antonov An‑225 cockpit to closely resemble the real aircraft.

Haptics 3D Gauges

Custom created 3D gauges for an authentic look and feel of the cockpit.

Slow Shutter Slow Shutter

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RAW Editing RAW Editing

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